John Lennon, Part 1 of 3

The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes, Volume 1 (discs 1-8)

From the early days of the Beatles up to the last days of his life John Lennon made frequent use of his home tape machine; recording demos, oldies, comedy skits and love letters to Yoko, it seems the man was fascinated with preserving every step of the artistic process. It's no surprise then, that the amount of Lennon bootlegs is incredibly vast, while the quality of most of those, both aurally and aesthetically, leaves much to the imagination. The 1998 John Lennon Anthology was an enormous success in terms of getting a decent chunk of these home recordings, demos and studio outtakes to the public, and for many this four disc set covering his post-Beatle decade was a revelation in terms of the wealth of material collected and the high quality of the recordings. But for more savvy collectors, the infamous Lost Lennon Tapes radio series was the end all source of unreleased gems. Originally broadcast in 1988, this Westwood One program was hosted by Lennon's close friend Elliot Mintz, who over the course of the its 35 episode run had the good sense (or undying respect for his pal) to not talk over the intros or outros to any of the tunes, thus allowing home listeners to get the bootleg train rolling. After several incarnations from vinyl to cassette and CD, a 22 volume Complete Lost Lennon Tapes was compiled onto 3 CD-ROMs in 1999, and the sketchbook of one of modern music's most prodigious talents found a new media for a new century. Presented here (with links and tracklist in comments) are the eight volumes which comprise the first CD-ROM. The highlights are innumerable and the set is downright overwhelming, but in the best way possible. Volumes 9-22 will follow in the coming weeks, so don't be a stranger.

Update: Tracks 20-28 on Disc 8 were not contained in the original zip file. You can now download them here. My apologies for this oversight.


JR HeatWarp said...

-For a CD-ROM, burn the contents of the .zip files onto a CDR. If executed correctly, the interface should automatically open once the disc is inserted.
-To create an audio disc, drop the mp3s into your preferred audio player and burn away.
-I'm no IT whiz, so beyond that I can offer no further technical assistance. Enjoy!

Disc 1 (Plus HTML and Autorun files)

1. Strawberry Fields Forever
2. Happy Rishikesh Song
3. Rock Island Line
4. John Henry (The Steel Driving Man)
5. Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox)
6. Keep Right On The End Of The Road
7. (It's All Da-Da-Down To) Goodnight Vienna
8. Tennessee
9. God Save Oz
10. With A Little Help From My Friends
11. Power To The People
12. Here We Go Again
13. Mucho Mongo
14. God
15. Life Begins At Forty
16. Woman
17. Girls And Boys
18. Clean Up Time
19. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
20. Revolution
21. Child Of Nature
22. She Said She Said
23. I'm The Greatest
24. Make Love Not War
25. How Do You Sleep?
26. Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy

Disc 2

1. I'm The Greatest
2. The Luck Of The Irish
3. Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him
4. (Just Like) Starting Over
5. I Promise
6. Sea Ditty-Leaning On The Lampost
7. Grow Old With Me
8. Strawberry Fields Forever
9. What's The New Mary Jane
10. Julia
11. Across The Universe
12. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
13. Help!
14. Whatever Gets You Through The Night
15. We Must Not Forget The General Erection
16. The Wumberlog
17. Dear John
18. Whatever Happened To...
19. Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love)
20. Peggy Sue
21. Watching The Wheels
22. Watching The Wheels
23. I'm Losing You
24. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
25. Clean Up Time
26. One To One Radio Spot Outtakes

Disc 3

1. Revolution
2. Power To The People
3. Attica State
4. The Luck Of The Irish
5. John Sinclair
6. I'm A Man
7. 'Twas A Night Like Ethel Merman-Beyond The Sea-Blue Moon-Young Love
8. Clean Up Time
9. Good Morning Good Morning
10. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
11. Everyone Had A Hard Year
12. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
13. Serve Yourself
14. Lord, Take This Makeup Off Me-News Of The Day
15. Dear Prudence
16. Jealous Guy
17. God Save Oz
18. Rock And Roll People
19. Rock Island Line
20. Real Life
21. My Life
22. My Life
23. Don't Be Crazy
24. The Worst Is Over

Disc 4

1. In The Studio
2. (Just Like) Starting Over
3. Maggie Mae-Honey Don't-Don't Be Cruel (To A Heart That's True)-Matchbox
4. Dear Prudence
5. Cold Turkey
6. Here We Go Again
7. Woman
8. The Neville Club
9. Rock And Roll People
10. Not Fade Away-Sweet Little Sixteen
11. You Can't Catch Me
12. Mirror, Mirror (On The Wall)
13. Mind Games
14. Cold Turkey
15. One Of The Boys
16. Tight A$
17. Studio Banter-Woman
18. Dear Yoko
19. I Don't Want To Face It

Disc 5

1. Watching The Wheels
2. I'm Stepping Out
3. Clean Up Time
4. Woman
5. Roll Over Beethoven
6. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On-It'll Be Me-One To One Radio Spot Outtakes
7. New York City
8. God Save Oz
9. Introduction
10. Dirty Mac Jam
11. Maurice Dupont
12. That'll Be The Day
13. Rave On
14. Not Fade Away
15. Maybe Baby
16. Heartbeat-Peggy Sue Got Married
17. Peggy Sue
18. Corrine, Corrina
19. Serve Yourself
20. The Best Things In Life Are Free
21. Eat The Document
22. A Nice Noise
23. #9 Dream
24. Tomorrow Never Knows
25. Strawberry Fields Backwards Talk Test
26. Aerial Tour Instrumental
27. Cry Baby Cry
28. Dear Prudence
29. Sexy Sadie

Disc 6

1. Julia
2. Child Of Nature
3. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
4. I'm So Tired
5. Yer Blues
6. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
7. What's The New Mary Jane
8. Revolution
9. Imagine
10. Crippled Inside
11. It's So Hard
12. A Case Of The Blues
13. Sally And Billy
14. Sally And Billy
15. Send Me Some Lovin'
16. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
17. New York City
18. Only You
19. Down In Cuba
20. Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox)
21. Whatever Gets You Through The Night
22. Watching The Wheels
23. I'm Losing You
24. Living On Borrowed Time
25. Tobias Casuals
26. Happy Birthday John
27. Julia

Disc 7

1. Mother
2. I Found Out
3. What'd I Say
4. How
5. Yellow Submarine
6. Chi Chi's Cafe
7. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
8. Memories (Howling At The Moon)
9. Memories (Howling At The Moon)
10. Stranger's Room
11. Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Talking
12. Nobody Told Me
13. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
14. New York City
15. Don't Be Cruel (To A Heart That's True)
16. Hound Dog
17. Send Me Some Lovin'
18. I Found Out
19. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
20. John & Yoko's Happy Xmas Ditty
21. Tobias Casuals #2
22. Living On Borrowed Time
23. God
24. Serve Yourself
25. Imagine
26. Mucho Mongo
27. Mount Elgar
28. Gone From This Place
29. Stand By Me

Disc 8

1. The Great Wok
2. Yer Blues
3. I Found Out
4. Oh Yoko
5. People Get Ready
6. Pill
7. Out The Blue
8. #9 Dream
9. Tobias Casuals #3
10. John Henry (The Steel Driving Man)
11. She's A Friend Of Dorothy
12. Real Love
13. Dear Yoko
14. (Just Like) Starting Over
15. The Return Of Maurice Dupont
16. Wedding Album Commercial
17. Bed Peace
18. Because
19. Oh Yoko
20. Grapefruit Excerpts
21. Imagine
22. Give Me Some Truth
23. How
24. San Francisco Bay Blues
25. Oh My Love
26. How Do You Sleep?
27. Tobias Casuals Sportswear #4
28. Stand By Me

JR HeatWarp said...

Covers for discs 1-8:

The following page offers a little insight on the source of each tune:

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This was a great radio show. I'm glad someone took time to archive the songs on disc.

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Thanx JR for this wondefull work

But it seems there's one problem : tracks 20 to 28 are missing from the cd 8 files...

Did you noticed that ?

Any way to have them ?


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Thanks for pointing that out Gael! I didn't realize that the remaining 8 tracks from Disc 8 were tacked on to the beginning of Volume 2. My humble apologies. Those remaining 8 tracks can now be found here:

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I've always liked these Lennon compilations, even if they are hastily sorted. The full radio show transcription discs are worth seeking out as well.

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