Keith Jarrett and Jack DeJohnette

Ruta and Daitya - 1971
In this midst of their tenure with Miles Davis' group, pianist Keith Jarrett and drummer Jack DeJohnette stole away a little time while in Los Angeles to create Ruta and Daitya. Alternating between avant-funk and minimalist classic jazz, the LP comprises a group of brilliant sketches that serve as a meditative counterpoint to what the duo were producing on stage and in the studio with Miles. Jarrett is undoubtedly the master of ceremonies here, improvising from end to end and effortlessly switching from woodwinds, acoustic and electric pianos, sometimes playing two at once, but always working within the confines of the two man ensemble as DeJohnette works the range of his kit and taps away on African percussion. I initially approached this album with the expectation that it would be similar to Miles' work around this same time. Although it's a logical extension from that, Ruta and Daitya is a different animal entirely. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi J,
just saw your interest about 'LSP'at J&M ,so after 1000 thanx for the stuff that I took from you ,I will lay priority on this one and give it directly to you.
My personal wish is the playlist of that great Cannonball Adderley Live Album you had posted for a while,if it's possible,bse so kind.
Hail to You
Jah R.

JR HeatWarp said...

Alright! Many thanks for your generosity Jah! Check out the comments section of that Cannonball post for the playlist you've requested. A fine fine album.

Anonymous said...

Hi again jr,

Lee'Scratch'Perry-1980-The Return Of Pipcock Jackxon

There's annother rip-without dolby in-same as the snippett's from I offered before
check out what sounds better for you-after I find it-can do it also

thanx fot the pl of Cannonball


like I do since 1982 or 83
running and searchin'for decades like you did without result
All good to you

JR HeatWarp said...

Thanks JahR! The quality of this doesn't matter all that much to me. At this point this album is such a mystery to me that it's wonderful just to hear it at all. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


Anonymous said...

Hi JR,
hope your expctations in the 'Return 'are satisfied.Just forgot to ask if you can help with the 'Dry Acid'sampler,because there's no chance for me with Gringo's ss-link?
would be nice
see later
Jah R.

JR HeatWarp said...

Pipecock Jackxon certainly met all expectations. What a bizarre LP! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to download the Dry Acid from Gringo's page, but this page contains a 2-part link to the album. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Big thanx again for that helpful link JR,

-give a little,take a little-

if you want to have or to know
some rare Stomu Yamashta (not Go)
or Donovan-Banzani -! (Francis not Leitch-Reggae specialty -out of print-cd)
possible to share

some words about Ruta and Daitya,
sounds pretty different to the releases later they've made with Gary Peacock as trio,many different moods it has
Jah R.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - took it and havn't dug it YET - too much to digest as yet - will come back - you know how it goes - thanks for putting it out there - now i can get to it when i want! later, D

Anne said...

I have this on vinyl - thanks for the up. One of the rarer offerings from Miles's acolytes.
Blog on.
Ian (using wifey's email!)