Beach Boys

Surf's Up - 1971

From its iconic cover to the madcap collection of tunes within it, Surf's Up tipifies the Beach Boys' attitude of the early 1970s. Much like the previous year's Sunflower LP, Brian Wilson's contributions here are limited, however a couple of those "Til I Die" and the title track, are bonafide masterpieces. Thankfully, brother Carl really steps up with a couple of mini-masterpieces of his own in "Long Promised Road" and "Feel Flows", while Bruce Johnston chips in the lovely sappy "Disney Girls (1957)". Those who hate Mike Love (guilty as charged) will find their justification here with his contribution "Student Demonstration Time" -- an after-the-fact protest rave up complete with megaphone vocals and fake police sirens -- the only stinker on an otherwise spectacular LP that is the first in the unofficial The Last Great Beach Boys Album series.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant record!

Thank you so very very much for this. Not heard it since I was a kid and Disney Girls takes me back to when I was shy and awkward with girls, nothing much changed! ;-)

Katman said...

Just found your blog today, and it's honestly made my day. I check out most blogs to find that gem every few weeks. But your stuff is almost uniformly of interest.

I bet I haven't heard most of the songs on Surf's Up for thirty years. And there are a few incredible cuts here.

I'm going to be spending a lot of time here.

I am really impressed. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.

I've grown to quite like the B. Boys in the last few years but didn't know that people hate Mike Love.

What's that all about?

JR HeatWarp said...

Thanks for the kind words on this post! I'm glad to see that so many are enjoying this LP too.

Mike Love has made a few enemies over the years for a number of reasons. Here are just a few... Visitors, please feel free to add to this list.
1. He mocked Brian Wilson's creative direction during the Pet Sounds/Smile era -- often dismissing it as "ego music"
2. At the band's hall of fame induction, he went on a very long and uncomfortable rant about the band's 60's contemporaries (i.e. The Rolling Stones) for no apparent reason
3. For the past couple of decades he and a group of unknowns have been performing as "The Beach Boys", despite the fact that he is the only original member in this touring group
4. He has sued the remaining members of the Beach Boys on a number of occasions
5. He is the most tightly wound, un-zen practitioner of zen meditation in history

Anonymous said...

Mike Love is really annoying! Just listen to this album, the whole things great except for "Student Demonstration time" which really really sucks! Mike Love insisted it be included on the album though. For many more reasons to hate Mike Love check this blog page which sums up some good reasons:

Anonymous said...

I don't like Mike Love either. His contributions to the band are pretty lame, and he seems like a real horse's ass in interviews. He should thank his lucky stars that he wound up being Brian Wilson's cousin. I love the video for Kokomo where he "plays" the sax solo without ever moving the keys. Nice work Mike...ya douchebag.

I do, however, love your blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i hate mike love