Miles Davis

Get Up With It - 1975

Miles' last studio album before taking a six-year vacation was a double LP summary of all of his far-reatching accomplishments throughout the 70s. And it's no surprise, considering this material was all pulled from sessions ranging from 1970-74. Oddly enough, this was pretty common for Miles at this time, and despite lacking the flow of Bitches Brew or On the Corner, this hodgepode of tracks works very well together in its own bizarre way. Fans of Live/Evil will recognize "Honky Tonk", presented here in a drastically different edit than it appeared on that LP. "Rated X" is a driven by some fierce atonal organ playing from Miles and cut-and paste editing from Teo Macero that was, and remains far ahead of its time."He Loved Him Madly" is 32 minutes of atmospheric organ-driven (Miles again!) spookyness that Eno claims changed his life. Given three guitar players, flute, trumpet, bass, drums, and percussion, its restraint is remarkable. Funky, doped up and undeniably weird, Get Up With It is a bold statement from Miles, who knew upon its release that it would be the last anybody would hear of him for a long time ... possibly ever. It may not stick with you the first time, but keep listening. It will.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! Wow, this seriously made my day.

dave said...

Thank you ! I've been on a bit of a Miles kick this year having read several bios and musical studies , re-listening to "Bitches Brew" and "Live-Evil" ... I'm waiting for a couple of cds off e-bay at the moment and this will help tide me over...thanks again"

JBL said...

Oh yes! Get Up with It! He Loved Him Madly! Calypso Frelimo! Honky Tonk! Too many awesome tunes to contend with, and that bizzare cut that sounds like Miles with the JBs on LP 2. What an album.