Chuck Berry

The London Chuck Berry Sessions - 1972

This half studio/half live record spawned the surprise #1 hit "My Ding-A-Ling" and marked the pinnacle of Chuck Berry's commercial peak, but is often overlooked in favor of his golden-era late 50s LPs. What a shame. On the five studio tracks here, Berry is ingeniously backed by the Faces' Ian McLagen and Kenny Jones (on piano and drums respectively) for a set that simultaneously sounds as if it could stop on a dime or fall apart at the end of every bar. For a record that was aimed to be Berry's answer to the early 70s Rock n' Roll revival scene, there couldn't have been a more fitting pair to back him up. For me, the three live tracks are neither here nor there, though it's pretty entertaining to hear Berry's command over his audience.

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Koen said...

I used to have the vinyl version of it many years ago & agree, thew live part is so so, studio is better. Many thanx!