Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

Clear Spot - 1972

While Clear Spot may the most accessible album in the Captain’s repertoire, that's not saying that it doesn't pack a mighty punch. Teaming up with Warner Brothers' house producer Ted Templeman (Van Morrison, The Doobie Brothers??, Van Halen?!) may have seemed like an odd proposal, but the result is the tightest and most finely produced Beefheart album in his entire catalogue. Ranging from Safe As Milk style blues romps "Nowadays a Woman's Gotta Hit a Man" to tender love songs "Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles" and the incredible title track, Clear Spot never heads off into the bizarro territory that Beefheart fans love to love, but is no less rewarding. From AllMusic: The sound is great throughout, and the feeling is of the coolest bar-band in town, not to mention one that could eat all the patrons for breakfast if it felt like it. THAT, is a recommendation.


Anonymous said...

You have posted two pf my all time favorite albums today. Great taste! ;-)
Thanks again for all your fine offerings.

alvega said...

I love the ill tempered Captain (since all I have to deal with are his recording, I guess...)

Thanks dude.