David Crosby

If I Could Only Remember My Name...- 1971

I always hated David Crosby ... until I heard this record. At the height of CSNY's popularity, Crosby gathered a list of guest musicians that reads like a who's who of the early 70s California scene (Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, the Grateful Dead) and, not surprisingly, recorded an LP sounds like a loose jam session of friends that have played together for ages. The real treat is that despite the hedonistic nature of the musicians, not a single note feels out of place and everything is incredibly tight from end to end. Truly astounding, when you consider how bloated and sloppy this album could have sounded. Jim O'Rourke once likened this album to Wilco's A Ghost Is Born, in the way there's not an unnecessary note on either one. Go on, give it a listen.


Anonymous said...

An underappreciated masterpiece, as you noted. Anyone who gets exposed to this album usually comes with low expectations but then they are blown away with how good it is. I've always maintained each of CSN's first solo works were their finest hours (as solo acts), and at least with regard to mr. crosby here, most friends agree. Why this album isn't more well known and didn't sell more copies upon its original release, I will never really understand (but I guess you could say the same things about the Dennis Wilson and Captain Beefheart you posted as well...what gems!!!). Speaking of lost masterpieces, I have always thought that Crazy Horse's first album was a great one too if you have the chance to check that out. Oh, one last thing: apparently they are re-releasing Crosby's album this year (next year?) as a two disc set with outtakes and alternates from the original sessions, which have already been available usually as Dead boots cause Jerry and the boys have such heavy presence on the lp. Finally, THANKS. especially for the Wilson stuff.


youngmanafraidofthunder said...

Wow! An amazing piece of hippie flair released right on the heels of CSNY - Deja Vu. Thank you very very much for your very presence in the blogsphere...I never even knew this existed...but as an audiophile wannabe on a budget...I'm glad it does.

Not to mention the fact that most of these offerings are out of print - which only further proves the record industry's mantra, "We're Only In It For The Money". Not exactly underground or alternative by any means...but for years I was chasing an out of print Herb Alpert album (Sounds like...)and only earlier this year did they finally re-release the album...and he was a mainstream act through the '80's.

So thanks for all the wonderful leads on music and I will see what I have in my possession that may be of value to this community.

Anonymous said...

This album is great, thanks!

Friendlier said...

I've turned so many people on to this album over the years, including a lot of VERY initially skeptical ones. Your descriptor now makes me want to find that Wilco album. Good trade!