Allen Toussaint

What is Success: The Scepter and Bell Recordings - 1968-70

It's hard to fathom the meager success of Allen Toussaint when considering the incredible impact he's had on music over the past 40+ years. In fact, the title of this compilation might be more fitting with a question mark at the end, but that's just getting picky. Jokes aside, this collection of tracks from Toussaint's second LP (the first under his own name) and a few singles from his days on the Bell label is a stunning example of the man's ability to crank out classic after classic tune and one of the greatest single documents of Crescent City R&B every produced. And though he's looked upon fondly for his songwriting chops, Toussaint's fingerprints are all over records by Dr. John, the Meters, Lee Dorsey and famously, the Band's Rock of Ages LP, for which he arranged the horns. Just take a peek at the liner notes - he's everywhere. So hearing Toussaint's own records is like filling in a giant void, connecting the dots on your record collection and realizing there's a giant hole in it where his LPs should be sitting.


JR Heat Warp said...

1. From a Whisper to a Scream
2. Chokin' Kind
3. Sweet Touch of Love
4. What Is Success
5. Working in the Coalmine
6. Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky
7. Either
8. Louie
9. Cast Your Fate to the Wind
10. Number Nine
11. Pickles

Muddy said...

I like the new design of your page. Until now, I had 14 tracks of Toussaint where he is the performer, but another 55 where he is producer. There's probably more than that where they haven't been tagged correctly. He's one of the great unknowns (to most people) of music.


JR Heat Warp said...

Hey Muddy,
I appreciate the feedback on the new design. I'm pretty psyched about it myself.

Hopefully these Toussaint tracks will fill a few holes in more than a few record collections.


rap said...

Nice! Thanks, pal.

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mdm said...

Never get enough Toussaint. Thanks a bunch!

Cacu said...

Thank very much!! Allen Toussaint is a musician of musicians, and this is a real gem. I´ve been looking for this and his other Lp "Life, Love & Faith" for a long time. Thanks again friend!

Mona said...

Just put a link to you at my blog/ great site you have and thanx for that Miles stuff

Clyde B. said...

Greetings from Barcelona!!! Great blog, great music!!! And amazing record. I've been looking for it a long long time!!!! Thanks!!!

Directional Mike said...

Thanks so much!

Down In The Valley said...

Thanks for this one...and I like your new look too
Saw him last year in San Francisco with Henry Butler opening the unforgettable night with two of N'awlins greatest keyboardists...
Thanks for your good work

djandpete said...

thank you

1Surfrider said...

I had a chance to meet/hang out with Allen back in the 70's when his band opened for my friend's (Little Feat) band.

Great guy and a great musician!

Laura said...

Your new design does look great. Thanks for the AT. I loves me some Fender Rhodes!