Herbie Hancock

Flood (Live) - 1975

Herbie Hancock was all but unstoppable at the midway point of the 1970s. Following his tenure in Miles' great quintet through the latter half of the 1960s, working with the trumpeter to lay the groundwork for jazz-fusion at the turn of the decade, spacing out and stretching the groove beyond recognition with Mwandishi and pumping out some of the most refined, sophisticated funk of all time with Headhunters, Hancock was the master. It was all his turf. On Flood, the 1975 live album he recorded with the Headhunters lineup in (of all places) the Tokyo Sun Plaza, Hancock doesn't necessarily bring anything that he hasn't brought to record before, but featuring cuts from each of his previous three LPs - all of which are stone classics - the album serves as a Headhunters-era greatest hits that proves, yes, this band really was as good as it sounds on record. Chamelion and Watermelon Man, while great, lack the fire that only comes from having performed them a few too many times, so it's the tunes from Man Child and Thrust that really smoke here. Actual proof, indeed. This two-disc set runs a shade over 74 minutes, so burn it to a single, put it in the dash and enjoy those last few days of summer.


Gabe Finch said...

Your doing a teriffic job. Loved the Talking Heads Sun Palace. I'm looking forward to this. Best of really do an excellent job setting the cultural/historic context for your selections in your written synopsis and help get me excited about recordings which I naively might otherwise overlook. Keep on fighting the good fight.

Joseph "Jon" Lanthier said...

Great set, especially the 20-minute jam that closes and the tastefully sped-up "Spank-a-lee". I agree about the material from "Headhunters" (I wonder how "Vein Melter" would have sounded live), although the end of the Chameleon synth solo is somewhat entertaining. Sounds a bit like Herbie is running his laundry through a cold rinse on-stage..."Flood," indeed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks JR, I've been a Hancock fan since the early acoustic stuff, but somehow this one slipped past me. Bravo! -bluesmutt

taro nombei said...

Hey JR
Back in the day (70s & 80s) Nakano Sun Plaza was one of Tokyo's best venues (it still hosts some gigs). It's a good size so you're never too far from the band.
I've caught plenty of great music there, ranging from early Pretenders and Clash to... Herbie, even.
As I'm sure you know, there's another brilliant live at Sun Plaza album from '78 with the Headhunters.
Anyway, thanks for all the great shares...

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infinite fool said...

Very, very (very, very, very) cool! Thank you

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. Can you fix the link for Mwandishi?

JR Heat Warp said...

Mwandishi link fixed.

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woody said...

Thanks for this great stuff!


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