Aerial Pandemonium Ballet - 1971

With his star on the rise and his breakthrough LP Nilsson Schmilsson just around the corner, Harry Nilsson took it upon himself to introduce his newly acquired fan base to his earlier material, albeit in a wildly unconventional, but unmistakably Nilsson fashion. Rather than simply re-release his first two records, 1967's Pandemonium Shadow Show and '68's Aerial Ballet, Nilsson chopped, screwed, re-edited and in turn, created the world's first remix album from their contents. Those who hadn't heard the first two records wouldn't necessarily discover anything out of the ordinary, since both were stylistically very similar. But for the few who already had these two records in their collection, purchasing Aerial Pandemonium Ballet was still a no-brainer - even if there were no new songs on the album! Entire sections were slowed down, others were removed entirely, new vocals were added, songs were completely remixed and intros and outros were tacked on to create an entirely new beast, yet one that would remain faithful to the original. So far ahead of its time and an amazing record any way you look at it.


Robert said...

Thanks for sharing this, now my wife is a Nilsson addict with no chance of recovery ... wow, I didn't know about Nilsson beyond Without You (yuck), but this stuff is grand!

Keep up the great work.

isidingo said...

Yes this a great Cd combining the best tracks from two very good albums Aerial Ballet and Pademonium Shadow Show. Now is there any chance someone could put up the "As Time Goes By" album which is a re-release of "A Little Touch of Schmillson in the Night" with 4 extra tracks not on the oringla LP or CD release.

little billy sunshine said...

this is the best musical half hour i have ever heard!