Neil Young

Rarities Volume 1: 1967-1974

As the release the first volume of Neil Young's long-awaited Archives project draws near, speculation over its contents has reached a fever pitch. Will it include the unreleased Homegrown album? Will it include the rarely screened biopic Journey Through the Past? Will I even be able to afford this massive box set? One thing is certain...this 8-CD, 2-DVD set will be well worth the wait. Fans and bootleggers have poured and salivated over the vast amounts of unreleased material in the Neil Young vaults, while hissy, muddied fidelity collections of outtakes and acetates have exchanged hands for decades. Having tired of listening to a 4th generation copies of worn out vinyl boots, fan and collector Braden Strickler took the initiative to compile and painstakingly remaster the cream of the unreleased crop and circulate them as an incredible 5 volume set. The results are truly remarkable, and serve as a fine appetizer for the official set scheduled for release in the fall. (Ed Note 3/24/09: Ha!)

Volume 1: 1967-1974

01. Mr. Soul (non-LP-version)
02. Down To The Wire (Buffalo Springfield outtake)
03. If I Could Have Her Tonight (original mix)
04. I've Been Waiting For You (original mix)
05. Here We Are In The Years (original mix)
06. What Did You Do To My Life (original mix - incomplete)
07. Mr. Soul (CSNY: woodstock rehearsal 1969)
08. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (alternate version)
09. Cinnamon Girl (edit version/different vocal)
10. Down By The River (edit - Australian greatest hits album)
11. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (KQED TV rehearsal 19-Feb-70)
12. Everybody's Alone (KQED TV rehearsal 19-Feb-70)
13. Dance Dance Dance (KQED TV rehearsal 19-Feb-70)
14. On The Way Home (KQED TV rehearsal 19-Feb-70)
15. Wonderin' (KQED TV rehearsal 19-Feb-70)
16. Sugar Mountain (KQED TV rehearsal 19-Feb-70)
17. Birds (non-LP-version)
18. I Believe In You (alternative studio track 1970)
19. Out On The Weekend (rehearsal)
20. War Song (single with Graham Nash)
21. Last Trip To Tulsa (live 18-Feb-73, single b-side)
22. Bad Fog Of Loneliness (Tonight's the Night acetate)
23. Traces (Tonight's the Night acetate)
24. Human Highway (CSNY outtake)
25. Pushed It Over The End (live 27-Aug-74, CSNY 12" Italian single)
26. Walk On (DJ mono mix)


only me said...

Much appreciated. My favourite NY years - like a lot of folks I guess.
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally comment, but i just wanted to say that your blog is the most consistently great album site i've come across, and your efforts are much appreciated.

JBL said...

You know, if the only thing we had from the 60s & 70s was Miles Davis & Neil Young, we still would be just fine.

wardo said...

Thanks for putting this up!

Anonymous said...

Dear Neil, Do not want to bother you in your private life... but is there any chance to bring 1992 Madison square Garden to DVD, so many great artists... many now gone, & you looked like you so enjoyed yourself... it would be sad to lose & perhaps could benefit others. G

Anonymous said...

Is this able to be downloaded? Jim