Miroslav Vitous

Mountain In The Clouds/Infinite Search - 1969

Much like John McLaughlin's Devotion LP, Mountain in the Clouds was recorded in that rare pocket of time after which all of its players had (in most cases) recently left Miles Davis' band, but hadn't yet formed their own groups. The music is, not surprisingly, very similar to what Miles was doing towards the end of the 60s and at many points sounds like Bitches Brew filtered through a smaller ensemble. Originally released in 1969, but trimmed down and reissued the same year (who on Earth knows why...), the version here is the original Mountain in the Clouds LP and therefore contains the track "Cerecka" which was trimmed from the subsequent Infinite Search reissue. Very confusing, I know. Either way, this often overlooked album is a high water mark of the early days of jazz fusion and a must-have for those looking to dive a little deeper into Miles' directions.

Miroslav Vitous, bass
Joe Henderson, tenor sax
John McLaughlin, guitar
Herbie Hancock, electric piano
Jack Dejohnette, drums
Joe Chambers, drums


Anonymous said...

What a aline-up! Just hope it's as good as 'Magical Shepard'! Thanks again

Anonymous said...

great stuff :D

a bit offtopic but please post some some beefhear albums if you have some of the rarer ones :D

THX for the great music!

Anonymous said...

A real find - what a line up. Cheers.