The Rockets

The Rockets - 1968

It’s not difficult to understand what Neil Young saw in this motley crew when he hand picked Danny Whitten, Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina to be his go-to backing band throughout his entire career. With Young’s penchant for performance over perfection, the Rockets' (first dubbing themselves War Babies, but later christened Crazy Horse by Young himself) ragged brew of straightforward bar band rock n’ roll and undeniable country soul served as much of a template to Young’s 70s output as his time in Buffalo Springfield. Selling only about 5,000 copies in its day, this LP was far from a success, but there’s no denying the influence it would have on Young and in turn, the rest of rock music throughout the next decade.

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Fantastic. This is very very rare, and it sounds quite good....Tks a lot for sharing it.