Harry Nilsson

Nilsson Sings Newman - 1970

While Nilsson began coming into his own at the beginning of the 1970s, Randy Newman was an unknown to anyone outside the world of music publishing and nonexistent as a performer. The critical appeal both would eventually (and rightfully) attain makes this artistic summit all the more poignant. Famously named "Record of the Year" by Stereo Review magazine, Nilsson Sings Newman stands well outside the mainstream of other LPs of this period - with Newman's piano providing the sole accompaniment to the multi-tracked army of Nilsson harmonies. Stunning from start to finish, but some of my favorites include "Vine St", "Love Story" and "Livin' Without You." Arguably the best album in Nilsson's catalogue and the ideal jumping off point for anyone with an interest in either artist.


wilbureduke said...

wow i remember getting this in the mid 70's as i tried to gather up harry's backward collection after i got turned on to him with the smillson stuff. i must also agree this became my favorite of his and how i became a newman fan too. have not heard this in twenty years at least. thanks for the fond trip down the back ally of my personal musical growth. just a damn good blog you got here, everything here is of the highest form.

JR HeatWarp said...

Thanks for stopping by Wilbur! It seems like there have a been a lot of visitors lately who are happy to have heard this music again for the first time in ages. And that makes it very worthwhile.

I'll keep posting so long as you all keep dropping by. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

great post!!! congratulations

disco boy said...

great album. never heard it before. now i can't stop listening... singing it, so on. thanks for that!

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L.I., N.Y.

Anonymous said... great to hear this album once again...just wonderful!!!!'

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