The Kinks

Muswell Hillbillies - 1971

With every other band of the early 70s time trying their hand at a "back to the roots" record, it's no surprise that the Kinks joined in the fun. The real surprise was that it ended up being one of their finest LPs. Kicking off with the tremendous "20th Century Man", it's evident that Muswell Hillbillies is a strong album, while "Acute Schizophrenia Paranoi Blues", "Holiday", "Alcohol" and "Oklahoma USA" were immediate concert favorites and continue to make appearances in Ray Davies' solo sets. While Village Green..., Arthur and Lola are undeniable classics, none of them come close to the consistency of Muswell Hillbillies. Just listen for yourself! Ray Davies at his songwriting peak and the Kinks in their boozy woozy prime. Cheers to that.


Slidewell said...

This one and Everybody's in Showbiz are my favorite Kinks albums. (tho I never listen to the live stuff on Everybody . . .) Neither is "classic" Kinks, more Ray Davis' dabbling in American roots flavors, but the songs just flow with a wonderful off-the-cuff, ragged-but-right feel that hits the spot. Strong songs with humor and pathos. Thanks again, for the post! You're the poster with the most!

john said...

Often overlooked but one of my faves.

Anonymous said...

My favorite album of all time. Ray's concern for the rights of the individual vs. society and for the mindless destruction of the past for the "new" never seemed more genuine. When he says, " We're gonna live in a field, I'm gonna buy me a gun - to keep the policemen away," I believe him. Nice guitar work by Dave on this record and solid melodies throughout (save maybe the weak "Uncle Son").