John Lennon

Mind Games - 1973

Mind Games marked the beginning of John Lennon's "lost weekend" period, and the evidence is all over this album. Having written the bulk of the material here immediately following his separation from Yoko, this is his first major step away from the political slant he had taken since the start of his solo career, and the album's tone is understandably mournful and apologietic throughout. That's not to say Mind Games is a downer. Much like Harry Nilsson's Pussycats LP he'd produce in 1974, Mind Games is a scattershot collection of tunes tend to come off as hastily written and recorded upon first listen, but reveal intense depth and an all encompassing tone of mayhem once they get under your skin. There are better John Lennon albums out there, but in case you've overlooked Mind Games, go ahead and give it a second chance. It's well worth it. The title track, "Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)" and "You Are Here" are a few of my favorites. Please enjoy.


JBL said...

Hey JR-
Have you ever compared "mind games" (the song) to "do you realize" by the Flaming Lips? No one ever seems to see the connection, but I swear it's there.


flash jordan said...

i've noticed that, and also the verve song "history" from a northern soul BITES "mind games".

freda people has always been a personal favorite. btw that basement tapes collection was fantastic. thank you

JR HeatWarp said...

You know, now that you mention it, I definitely see a resemblance. Knowing how the Lips are huge Lennon fans, I'm sure it's not a coincidence.

I'll check out that Verve song, Flash. Glad you enjoyed the Basement Tapes!

JR Heat

Anonymous said...

other records r music
this is magic
thank u john