Neil Young

Time Fades Away - 1973

One of the two Neil Young albums that to this day, remain unreleased on CD, Time Fades Away is the first entry in what is considered Young's "In the Ditch" trilogy. In the liner notes for his 3-LP compilation Decade, Young writes:
"'Heart of Gold' put me in the middle of the road. Traveling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch."
While rehearsing for a grueling 90 city tour in support of Harvest, Young's guitarist Danny Whitten was in the midst of trying to kick heroin. In no shape for the road, Whitten was fired from the band and given fifty dollars and a plane ticket home. The next day, Whitten was dead, having used his severance pay to buy the drugs that killed him. The Time Fades Away album is a live recording of the handful of new songs Young and his band played on the subsequent tour, and despite the addition of David Crosby and Graham Nash on several tracks, the mood is expectedly dire. Hands down the most emotionally charged and erratic album in Young's vast catalog, and essential listening for fans of the two released albums in the trilogy, Tonight's the Night and On the Beach.
Thrasher's Wheat has a great site dedicated to the "ditch trilogy", including quotes, reviews, history and cover art.


Anonymous said...

nice post... what, per chance, is the other album which has not been released ?


JR HeatWarp said...

Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed the post. The other album that hasn't been released on CD is the soundtrack for Neil's 1973 film Journey Through the Past.

kingseyeland said...

Excellent blog. Any chance of Journey Through the Past appearing in a place like this?

Aufpet said...

Lost of thanks, jr. Time Fades is, to my mind, the best album Neil Young ever did. Great blog, too!

Anonymous said...

great blog with great music. thanks a lot my friend.

Dylan Thomas

JBL said...

What do you think the chances are that we'll actually see this album as part of NY's our lifetimes?

Anonymous said...

Great great post. Thanks. And thanks for this blog. Stay Classy.

DanVVA said...

And let's not forget the album that was never released at all, Chrome Dreams.