Link Wray

Mordicai Jones - 1971

Since so many visitors enjoyed Link Wray's self-titled 1971 LP, I thought I'd satisfy a request for more of the same. The Mordicai Jones album is an odd one in the Link Wray canon. Recorded during the same sessions that produced Link Wray, Mordicai Jones was was in essence, a Link Wray album though pianist Bobby Howard, aka Mordicai Jones, took top billing. Although Howard's voice was more polished than Links, this record still sounds like music made by folks who actually worked the farm they lived on, and the rough and flinty energy of these sessions wears a lot better than what most of their contemporaries were doing. Now able to concentrate solely on instrumental duties, Link plays some fine slide guitar on this album.


Koen said...

thanx again, just downloaded it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! I've been looking for this one for years as my old vinyl is dead... One of my fave albums, simple down home music without dubs and synths and a great feeling.
I was the one who thanked you for Link Wray's 1st and mentioned this record.


Cheers from Paris


JR HeatWarp said...

Glad to hear you came back for Mordicai Jones! The sound quality on this one quite a bit better than on the 1st Link album I posted. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Bobby Howard NOT!


JR HeatWarp said...

Bobby Howard: Mandolin, Piano

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please tell me where the DC rock musician Robert Howard, aka "Bobby Howard" aka "Mordicai Jones" is today- if he's still around that is...His grown son, (also a musician), would love to locate him.

Thanks in advance from Silver Spring/Wheaton, Maryland.

Please Email me ASAP with any info at: