Manuel Göttsching

E2-E4 - 1984

After stealthily recording his first solo LP Inventions for Electric Guitar a decade earlier under the name of his former band Ash Ra Tempel, Manuel Göttsching single-handedly created the movement defining E2-E4 in a single take, albeit a heavily overdubbed one. Gliding along on a steady chug of electronics that lean closer to Kraftwerk than the house genre it all but defined, the album slowly percolates in washes of synths and gentle polyrhythms for a steady 58 minutes, peaking with Göttsching's heavily delayed guitar in the latter quarter. It's undoubtedly the intersection of krautrock and dance, and one that sounds a tad dated a couple decades on, but even though it's surface concept has been beaten to death by the glowsticked masses, its naive sense of venturing into unknown territory still translates into an intriguing, joyous listen.


Hiss Golden Messenger said...

Major props on this post-- Gottsching is a wizard. He's also performing E2-E4 in its entirety at the Lincoln Center (NYC) on August 15th 2008; he will be accompanied by head tripper Joshua White (aka The Joshua Light Show). And it's free. Bust.

thebeathunters said...

a true masterpiece, indeed
btw you might enjoy what i just posted at "a bigger splash"
keep on heatin'

Anonymous said...

Muy buen disco.


Is there supposed to be a download link somewhere, or have I misunderstood the concept of your blog?

JR Heat Warp said...

Sorry, links to official releases have been removed.