Can Live: Music - 1971-1977

While their albums throughout the early and mid 1970s were landmarks of stylistic innovation and studio mastery, Can in the live setting was a band of startling, head wringing power. Most concerts would contain just a few tunes pulled from their various LPs, with the majority of the show left open to the whims of improvisation. Heady music in its most adventurous form. Songs would swell to double, at times triple the length of their studio counterparts, vocalization was sparse if it appeared at all and was treated as another instrument in the mix when it did, and the sheer volume and intensity of the music would reach cathartic levels. Originally part of the Can Box package, Can Live Music (1971-1977) collects material from the band's "golden period" and presents it here with tremendous fidelity. "You Doo Right" is incredible as usual, but here it emerges from the audience's rhythmic clapping as if being summoned from the depths. "Colchester Finale" is a massive 37+ minute jam that incorporates more than a few morsels from Tago Mago before falling in on itself in a swirl of chaos and stopping - quite miraculously - on a dime. Only nine tracks in all, but the majority of what's contained on this double live set is beyond compare, even when lined up to their studio output. This is the other side of the coin. Enjoy.


JBL said...

Unreal, JR.... I've been wanting to hear this for a loooong time.

Once again, you deliver.

Comments to follow when I get a chance to absorb it.
All the best!

Anonymous said...

Thank for the live Can tracks. I recently got into them, but havn't the chance to hear them live. Mucho thank you once again.

oh...happy thanksgiving too!


MC said...

Heavenly live sets, and choice rare grooves elswhere, loving the blog JR, keep keeping on!

mike-floyd said...

The title is somewhat misleading. It should read (1972-1977). There is no track from 1971 in this collection. Of course this is a mistake of the record company, not yours! Interesting music nevertheless, though I prefer the Studio-Can!