Pharoah Sanders

Deaf Dumb Blind - 1970

Preceded by a string of LPs that included Jewels of Thought and Karma (both from 1969), Deaf Dumb Blind (Summing Bukmun Umyun) combined the deeply spiritual tone of his previous LPs with tastefully funky R&B. And while Pharoah didn't necessarily morph into Sly Stone on this LP, the first of the album's two sides is a glorious landslide of polyrhythms African and Latin, pinned together by the piano of Lonnie Liston Smith (not to be confused with Hammond master, Dr. Lonnie Smith) and a massive five-piece horn section which included Gary Bartz (whose sax was all over Miles' Live-Evil and Cellar Door Sessions). An all-organic, funky affair. The second half of the LP is an entirely different animal. Inspired exercises in melodic phrasing and droning emotional climaxes, "Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord" is much more than a soothing comedown from the album's first half. From AllMusic:
This piece, and this album, is a joyful noise made in the direction of the divine, and we can feel it through the speakers, down in the place that scares us.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this!

Willard said...

Good one, JR.
I've only got 4 Pharoahs myself, and had never heard this one before. Love the funky/spiritual yin/yang of it all. Thanks for sharing it.