Weather Report

Live in Tokyo 1972

While Weather Report were tight, focused and (at times) overly sick on their studio LPs, they were a completely different animal in a live setting. On stage, the band's focus turned from creating a singular, rigidly structured organism to allowing the members to stretch out on their own terms. And stretch out, they did. As expected, Joe Zawinul is tremendous, effortlessly switching from acoustic piano to heavily modulated Rhodes, often sounding like multiple keyboardists at once. However Miroslav Vitous and Eric Gravatt really come into their own here; managing to hold down the groove while tearing off into their own direction throughout. A truly captivating album and one of Weather Report's finest, hands down.


Bruce said...

Yes! Been waiting for this one. Japan was apparently a musician's dream concert venue early 70's, maybe it still is.

If you were tantalised by side 2 of 'Sing the Body Electric', this is the whole hog, the full concert from which the former was excerpted. Listen for MVitous bowing his bass thru a wahwah pedal -the sound soars and fills the auditorium. Apart from Zawinul's 'sad' piece 'Orange Lady' the music is somewhat astringent with just bits of melody and lots of rhythmic changes. The 'medley' approach to sets owes a lot to Miles Davis at the time.

Thanks for posting it.

JBL said...

Damnit JR, if this isn't the jam!!
Not only is it a blast, but it's a total revelation to my ears--I only ever knew WR from its Jaco-centric, super-slick, over-arranged incarnation. This music is still deep in the thrall of Miles, and although far rougher than anything they came out with later, lacks the dark center of the early-70s MD groups. But then, who but Miles himself possessed them? ANyhow, this is a teriffic share, and considering that the LP copy of this album I looked at on ebay had an asking price of $125, it's an incredibly generous one as well.
Thanks again as always.

Anonymous said...

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Nerooon001 said...

Thank you so much for this,I have been looking for this recording for over 20 years and I was begining to think it was a myth.I have been a WR fan since the start and this is my favorite lineup and imho Miroslav Vitous does not get the respect he deserves when it comes to all the bass players who have played with this band,Thank you so much

strangefruit said...

Can't seem to tap into this link to MegaUpload. Looks like great music, though!

JR HeatWarp said...

Give it another try, Strangefruit. The link is still active and the music is superb!

Anonymous said...

Can't access this one.

JR HeatWarp said...

Thanks for the heads up, Anon. The file has now been re-posted. Enjoy!