Joe Zawinul

Zawinul - 1970

There has possibly never been a pianist who has explored the Fender Rhodes to a greater depth than Zoe Zawinul ... except for maybe Herbie Hancock. Thankfully, this LP contains them both. A towering monument of late 60s jazz fusion, Joe Zawinul's self titled LP stands up to In a Silent Way as one of the greatest electric piano-based albums of all time. In fact, it's easy to look at Zawinul as the sequel to Davis 1969 masterpiece, as both LPs included Zawinul and Hancock on Fender Rhodes, both feature extended exercises in subtle textures and mood, both include Zawinul's tune "In a Silent Way", albeit in drastically different forms, and esthetically, both covers are strikingly similar in the way the bandleader's head takes up the entire frame. Similarities aside, Zawinul and Hancock's use of ring modulators, echo and a bevy of other effects take the music and the Rhodes itself, into an entirely different sonic realm than Davis' album and well past the psychedelic boundaries that any rock group (then or now) could dream to tread. A landmark LP on so many levels. Enjoy.


Curved Air said...

This is a favorite of mine. Thanks for digitizing!

Curved Air said...

oh and i meant to add, nice blog Heat Warps!

bruce said...

Rhodes, beautiful Rhodes.

JR HeatWarp said...

Thanks for the fine comments. This is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites.

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And before you leave an all caps comment in broken English about how much megaupload sucks, or that I should switch to rapidshare, please don't. It's rude...and you're spoiled.

As always, enjoy the music.

Katman said...

I first heard of Joe Zawinul when I was listening to a Cannonball Adderley live recording of "Mercy Mercy Mercy." He calls out Joe as the inspiration.

I'm eager to hear this. Thanks for posting such unusual stuff. I've pretty much got all the top hits -- I'm looking to expand my horizons and this blog is a great tool.

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JBL said...

JR, thanks for so many many great posts. This album totally holds its own. Some of the tracks (especially the first) drift into highly ambient domains (as FZ would say) and make me wish that aspect were explored further. But in in any case, it's a gem, and one I wouldn't have heard had I not tuned in here.

Michael J. said...

im in love with this record...great blog. try using i use that to host copies of my bands ep to send to people and its been working great.

Anonymous said...

Joe Zawinul.

There is no other a like.

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