An Afternoon in the Garden - Recorded 1972

Arguably the finest hour of The King's final decade, Elvis' run of shows at Madison Square Garden on June 9,10 & 11, 1972 were solid proof that the man could still live up to his legend. Every seat was sold out well in advance. Dylan, John Lennon and George Harrison were all forced to buy tickets as The Colonel didn't believe in freebies. Media scrutiny had reached a fever pitch, and to capitalize on the unprecedented publicity, RCA planned to issue a live LP of the event just days afterward. The resulting album, Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden, was an abridged recording of the 8:30 Saturday June 10 performance. An Afternoon In The Garden, released in 1997, documents the entire show from earlier that afternoon -- and what a show it was. The band was enormous, The King was in rare form and all the hits are here. Check out the smokin' "Polk Salad Annie" and a gigantic soul take on Three Dog Night's "Never Been to Spain." Long live The King!


Quazzie said...

Thanks for this album , Elvis was great and I'm not a huge fan ,but this live album Rules .as do you !!!

Slidewell said...

A good friend of mine dragged me kicking and screaming into the King's final decade, but this slab affirms what he has been talking about: Elvis still had the goods, as he rocks the Garden in a royal showing of power and grace.

Anonymous said...

I'm with quazzie...but yes, this is the proverbial 'business'
Keep it up

Anonymous said...