Numero 33: Light: On The South Side

Friends, the inimitable Numero Group has done it again. Set for release this month, the heroes of lost and found treasures are taking pre-orders for Light: On the South Side, a massive 2 LP set of mid seventies Chicago south side soul/funk bundled with a 132 page book of B&W photos of the era. Considering this sweet hometown homage looks to be the most impressive entry in the Numero catalog - yes, even better than Belize City Boil Up and Don't Stop: Recording Tap, stone classics around the House of Heat Warp - my pre-order's already in the stack. What's more, it means I got to wrap my ears around an instant download of the whole affair while I bide my time for the box and book to arrive in a couple of weeks. This is how you run a label, folks. Check out the preview below.


Pepillo said...

I want it! Damm! I want it! I'm spanish and my english is like two days bread, but man, great music here! I hope you understand me. Thanks a lot!

dude diligence said...

JR have you had a chance to listen to the vinyl yet? I have problems with records from urp in the past. They are the cheapest pressing plant but quality drops off sometimes. Love the blog, found my way here via zamboni

JR Heat Warp said...

Good call, dude. I received the vinyl right away, but have only listened to the mp3s thus far. While I don't have an audiophile setup by any stretch of the imagination, I'll give the actual records a spin this week and get back to you.