Cher w/Phil Spector

A Woman's Story/Baby, I Love You - 1975 single

A. Side: Play. Repeat.


Anonymous said...

wow - I admit, I was skeptical, but damn. This is epic.

brandumb said...

Thanks for this. You always have interesting stuff.

BTW, sharbee is the worst. A ton of pop ups and virus' lurk there. This is just FYI 'course.

JR Heat Warp said...

You know I'd never let you down, Anonymous. Glad you enjoyed the tune.

Thanks for the tip on Sharebee, brandumb. I manage to get around the popups somehow, but wasn't aware of the virus dangers. I'll consider using another storage site net time.

Goofy said...

Your timing is impeccable! Good song, though. I like Spector's work.

unitstructure said...

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