The Beatles

White Album No. 0000005

Just in time for its 40th anniversary next week, the luckiest Beatles fan in the world is auctioning off their copy of the White Album No. 0000005. Notable, of course, for the fact that the Beatles themselves own(ed) copies 0000001 - 0000004.

Notes from the auction:

Some years ago, this album was taken into the collectors shop named 'Vinyl Revival Records' in Newbury, Berkshire, England by a musician (they did not disclose who) who had visited John in the flat that he shared with Yoko in late 1968 (that was owned by Ringo) at 34 Montague Square, Marylebone, London W.1. The musician saw a pile of White Albums on a table and asked for one. John readily agreed, but said 'Don't take No.1 - I want that'. Instead he took No. 5'.

The album then passed into the hands of Beatles specialist dealer 'Good Humour' who then sold it to its current owner who has now commissioned me to sell it on his behalf.


Mark said...

This is the mono white album #5 and its listed on ebay, bidding ends 11/23.
And in what has to be a once in a lifetime alignment of the cosmos, the stereo white album #5, yes, that's right, the other #5, is up for auction at Christies, auction is on 11/24.
The mono is up to over $12,000 today, 11/18.

Anonymous said...

wow. a nice object, but an incredible price... 8800£ for a disc. hope the buyer have a turntable :D

Anonymous said...

Well it went for £19,000 but there is only one no 5 so actually if you compare it to art prices its pretty cheap really another 50 years and I would say it's be worth £200,000

Michael said...

Wouldn't No 0000009 be the one to have for this record?

JR Heat Warp said...

Good point, Michael. I'm not certain, but I think the mono and stereo copies were numbered separately (i.e. a mono 1-4 exists, as does a stereo 1-4). God knows how you'd confirm that though.

mike-floyd said...

Merry Xmas to you!

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