The Faces

Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners - 1974

Though the band lost its spiritual core when bassist and founding member Ronnie Lane left in 1973 to form his own group, Slim Chance, the Faces remained one of the few bands in town able to challenge the Rolling Stones' title of World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band up until they disintegrated in 1975. With four magnificent studio LPs under their belt, the band only released one official album that showcased where their bread was buttered, Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners, a live LP recorded at a pair of Los Angeles dates in 1973. The band is ragged and the tunes have a slower, almost molasses-thick drive to them, but all of these reckless elements are what coalesced to make this band the endearing and enduring live act that it always was. At this point in their evolution, not having Lane to share the mic and spotlight with brought Rod Stewart to full bloom, for better or for worse. The fact that so few high-quality live recordings exist of a band who staked their claim on the stage, makes this one all the better. The CD version of this classic is long out of print, but hopefully this means that a deluxe reissue is just around the corner. Best enjoyed with a bottle of Blue Nun, Rod's favorite.


Todd said...

Hi JR,
There's something up with the Faces Live Link. The Macca is working, but all of the links on the Faces "File Not Found."

woody said...

I have this in LP. Is really nice, a great live preformance.


gregandbrenda said...

Hey JR,
There's no file on any of the massmirror accounts!

JR Heat Warp said...

Thanks for the heads-up folks. Re-upped and ready. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...


I've been looking for this for a while. gotta love the faces live. thanks for the post. nice blog.


Freg said...

Thanks for this one, mate!

I have it on vinyl, but i bought it at a rummage sale and it was so scratched up it was unlistenable.

It's great to be able to hear it as it was meant to be heard, after so long.

Happy Easter to you!

Pat Carty said...

Nice work as always J.R.

Todd said...

Thanks for the Re-up on the Faces!

MusicBringer said...

I have it on vinyl, too.
Great stuff..!!

Anonymous said...

Very good, very English! Thanks

ALittleGuitar said...

i had this on vinyl in college but it was somehow decimated. i've been seeking it online for years. thanks a bunch.