The Creation

Our Music Is Red with Purple Flashes - 1998 comp.

Despite being one of the most artistically bold outfits of their time - guitarist Eddie Phillips bowed his guitar long before Jimmy Page while lead singer Kenny Pickett would paint gigantic canvases on-onstage and light them ablaze at the end of the performance - the Creation are simply grouped along with the Who, the Kinks and the Small Faces as the cream of the mod crop of the mid 1960s, and are best known for the spectacularly powerful guitar riffage of "Making Time." Setting them further apart from their contemporaries is the fact that the band's complete discography is comprised solely of Shel Talmy-produced singles and a lone album, 1967's We Are Paintermen, that simply rounds up their A and B sides in one unimaginative package. No Village Green Preservation Society, no S.F. Sorrow. Just "Biff Bang Pow", a brilliant flash of light, a giant puff of smoke and they were gone. In the 40 years since they disbanded there have been many compilations aiming to collect the band's greatest moments, but Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes is undeniably the best of the lot - claiming to "contain the entirety of the band's recorded output from their original 60s incarnation." It's all here, from standard period covers like "Cool Jerk" and "Like A Rolling Stone" to their magnificent originals, including "Painter Man," "Making Time" and the criminally overlooked "How Does It Feel To Feel," presented in vastly different US and UK single versions. With unmatched power pop bravado that was entirely of its time, and fractured, arty guitar work that was about 10 years ahead of the curve, it frequently amazes me how the Creation has remained an "also-ran" for four decades. You'll likely feel the same way.

NOTE: The tremendous Lost-In-Tyme blog posted the We Are Paintermen LP a while back. Head on over and pay 'em a visit.


flashie said...


my cousin's been seeing the daughter of the late Kim Gardner for about a year now. their family is lovely and by all accounts Kim and was always ready to get into the right kind of trouble. you should definitely make a stop at the Cat & Fiddle next time you visit Los Angeles. the english pub was founded by the Creationist bassist in 1982; it remains the english pub of choice for local rocker statesman, from rough and tumble producer savants Andy Johns and Lee Kiefer to the delicate and precious Morrissey. email me if you ever make it in and i'll buy you a pint and make some introductions. Maybe i'll finally be able to make up for hijacking all your old nilsson links. ;)
- flashie

JR HeatWarp said...

Next time I'm in the neighborhood I'll surely take you up on that offer, Flashie. I'm always up for a good bit of trouble and a few cocktails. Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

just wanna thank you very much for the nice music you share - thanx a lot, you made me happy

Nicky10lbs said...

Nice album . hey just one thing Jimmy Page Bowed his guitar in early studio session in 1964 and then when he joined the yardbirds in 67. so just because you record 1st doesnt mean you invented it . Willie Dixon was the biggest crook for this ,because he took old songs from a child that he heard from no name bluesman,and then recorded them so to get the credit as a song writer .