Rolling Stones

The Satanic Sessions, Volumes 1 & 2 - 1967
As time has worked to dull the pain of witnessing a band so desperately nipping at the heels of Sgt. Pepper, it has also allowed for a long overdue re-examination of the Rolling Stones' most misunderstood album. Aside from containing founding member Brian Jones' last worthwhile contributions as a Stone, Their Satanic Majesties Request also marked the last, and arguably the most significant shift for a band that would morph into the world's greatest over the course of its next three albums.
Far from the cohesive, back to basics Beggars Banquet that would follow, Satanic Majesties was wildly unfocused and plagued by general period-specific themes of outer space, togetherness and mind expansion. And through use of unconventional instruments, it has been extremely difficult to determine which member(s) of the band led the sessions. Thankfully, this 2-volume box alleviates these major flaws - the entirety of this 8-disc set is comprised of the basic instrumental tracks (not a drop of hippy drippy vocals), and the multiple takes and studio chatter illustrate the specific contributions of each member.

So what's revealed here? 1) Keith Richard's guitar riffs form the structure of the majority of the album, 2) Nicky Hopkins' virtuosic keyboards make him virtually a 6th member of the band, 3) Brian Jones' Mellotron is its main psychedelic ingredient, and 4) "Jigsaw Puzzle" was originally recorded during these sessions. But that's just scratching the surface. If you're unfamiliar with the album, this set will be like entering a conversation halfway through, so get your hands on the original first. If it's already on your list of favorites, take a listen. The results are fascinating, but not for everyone. Full track list in comments.


JR HeatWarp said...

Volume 1

2000 Light Years From Home (Takes 1-15) (Retakes 3 & 4)
5 Part Jam: Part 1 (Takes 1-5)
5 Part Jam: Part 5 (Takes 1-3)
5 Part Jam: Part 4 (Takes 1-10)
5 Part Jam: Part 4 (Takes 11-15)
5 Part Jam: Part 3 (Takes 1-5)
5 Part Jam: Part 2 (Takes 1-5)


We Love You (Takes 15-19)
She's A Rainbow (Takes 1-7)
Citadel(Takes 20-34)
Citadel (Extra Piano)
In Another Land (Takes 1-9)
Child Of The Moon (Take 10)


Child Of The Moon (Takes 11-12)
Sing This All Together (Take 7 & Intro)
The Lantern (Take 1-5)
The Lantern (Takes 10-17)
The Lantern (Re-Takes 1-3)
On With The Show (Takes 1-10)


On With The Show (Takes 11-14)
In Another Land Chorus (Takes 1-14)
Majesties Honkey Tonk (Takes 1-17)
Jam One (Takes 1-15)
Title 15 (Takes 1-5)

Recorded At Olympic Sound Studios London, Dates:
Disc 1: July 1967
Disc 2: June / July 1967
Disc 3: May - September 1967
Disc 4: July - September 1967

Volume 2

Title 15 (Takes 6-7)
Gomper (Takes 1-5)
Gomper Part 1 (Takes 1-2)
Soul Blues (Takes 1-3)
2000 Man (Takes 1-5)


2000 Man (Takes 6-15)
2000 Man End Part (Takes 1-3)
2000 Man Intro(Takes 1-14)
Organ Part She Smiled Sweetly
Blues #3 (Takes 27-44)
Blues #3 (Retakes 1-5)


Gold Painted Nail (Takes 1-23)
2000 Man Middle Part (Takes 2-13)


Jigsaw Puzzle (Takes 1-14) (Recorded For Beggars Banquet)

All Songs Are Instrumentals, Recorded At Olympic Sound Studios, London.

Recording Dates:
Disc One: Aug - Sept 1967
Disc Two: Aug - Sept 1967
Disc Three: Aug - Oct 1967
Disc Four: March 23-29 1968

Anonymous said...

many thanx - regardless of what the world said about this album, it is one of my faves. The Small Faces do background vocals on Bill Wyman's track - M&K couldn't be bothered to show up.

Dr. Dream

Richard43 said...

Great set, very informative. Thanks for sharing!

infinitefool said...

Your wish list includes "Neil Young - Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, July 10, 1973". Young's only London performance in 1973 was on November 5 (see This performance is now posted at Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, thank you. I've always thought this an oddly neglected album, listened to afresh and it's a gem...

Anonymous said...

much appreciated....luv listening to the earlier Stones's material

Willard said...

Fantastic quality. Many thanks, JR.

Anonymous said...

Not my fav Stones album, and never listened to it that much, but now I surely will ! This is a fabulous post...a process such as we seldom get to see. Just to hear outtakes of Nicky Hopkins busking away makes it worthwhile. Thanks, Eduardo

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Got part 1 a few days ago and now trying to get part 2 and am informed by Megaupload "temporarily unavailable."
I missed the second part the first time because of Megaupload's download limitations. Meanwhile I had gone on to other stuff.
A re-up somewhere else please, perhaps?

JR HeatWarp said...

Megaupload's "temporarily unavailable" message means exactly that...the file is "temporarily" unavailable. Which translates to "try again later". If the file is permanently unavailable, there will be a message stating that it has been deleted. Megaupload has worked well for the Heat Warps organization and is far easier to use than the other file storage sites. That said, I have no plans to use another storage provider. With that in mind, enjoy the music, despite the fact that you may have to wait a few extra minutes for it. And thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Looks like the file is back up. Thanks for posting this. -E

Anonymous said...

gracias, excelente y curioso

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! Fascinating!

Muckinfuggly said...

Howdy back at you, thanks for the fun mix of albums. I'm maybe one person who actually liked this stones album. But, alas, a day late (like 7 months) and a few brain cells short, I missed the first volume, which is been deleted. If you feel like re-upping, I would be very appreciative.

Thanks agin,

JR HeatWarp said...


This is one that I sadly never backed up on my hard drive, and hard copies of both have disappeared from my collection since posting. If I ever come across volume 1 again I'll gladly repost. Until then, Volume 2 is all thats available.

klon said...

I love this record and I'm always surprised when people don't share my enthusiasm for it. I can't wait to listen to these sessions.

John said...

This is awesome! Thank you so much. Your blog is great :)


Benjamin said...

Fantastic Collection! Thanks very much for this incredible music. TSMR is my favorite Stones album - Thanks again!

ksn said...

this is EXACTLY what i need to spend the coming weekend with, fantastic post and blog. many, many thanks.

cheers from nyc,


Timmy said...

delicious auditory co-pilots to my soloing around the musical globe,

smoke said...

I am very impressed with the detail and organization of your posts I have explored. I believe I successfully got part 1, but 2 was from a different service that never allowed me to access it. Is this supppossed to be the case. Did I do something wrong?
Thanks for the stellar job.

Anonymous said...

sorry but vol 2 on massmirror is out... can you reup it ?
Thanks for your great blog and great posts !

richard said...

Vol. 1 is GREAT! Thanks. Having trouble with Vol. 2, checked it for the past few days, it hasn't changed.
Great Blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this great stuff. fyi, vol.2 can be found at Taringa.

. said...

I love Satanic Majesties. I didn't like it (actually despised it) at the time, and for many years it remained a sneer-worthy exercise in cynical exploitation and shameless pandering to a market M&K had no sympathies with. But in common with many other psychedelic albums, it's only grown in stature over the years, and today it's the only Stones album I listen to. Maybe overfamiliarity with the rest of their output has something to do with it, but maybe it's the fact that Satanic caught the vibe of the time better than anyone expected. It's absolutely first division UK psych, right up there with the first Floyd album. The only thing missing, of course, is the "We Love You/Dandelion" 45, which you can program in easily.

Fantastic, really.

rap said...

Thanks much for the terrific share, Kemosabe.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff. I have been listening a lot lately to the Beatles rehearsal tapes from the Get Back sessions. While it is hardly fair to judge bands by unreleased rehearsal sessions when they were working up material in the studio, and while I would like to think that I have gotten beyond silly debates like 'Beatles v. Stones', it is notable how much more interesting the Beatles tapes are. There are many moments on those tapes that I actually personally prefer to the released versions. My admiration for The Beatles has grown from listening to these tapes. I can't really say the same for the Stones with these. Again, I know it is not fair to judge these unreleased tapes. They are just the band working. But they do confirm my long-time suspicions that the Stones have been and still are over-rated. I get the sense that the core of the band would have been lost without musicians like Nicky Hopkins and later Mick Taylor. Anyway, still interesting listening. Thanks.