Faust IV + Outtakes and Alternates- 1973Because even one of the most adventurous albums of all time starts to sound "tame" after the 700th listen or so... Released as a companion disc to the 2006 reissue of Faust IV, this collection of Peel Sessions, alternate takes and full-length versions not only serves as revealing, if somewhat cockeyed look at the band's masterpiece, but holds its own against the actual album in terms of the way it still manages to sound light years ahead of its time. All told, this is hardly an odds n' sods collection. "Krautrock" is presented in its early Peel Sessions mix, which includes much of the same 7-minute psychedelic drone intro as the original but the ending features far more subdued drumming and percussion than the version that would appear on the album. The band's warped pop gems "Giggy Smile", "Sad Skinhead" and "Jennifer" are all given the "alt mix" treatment with the addition of a few stray textures that were trimmed before making it onto the LP. The unquestioned gem here however, is the unedited 10:32 version of "Just a Second (Starts Like That!)". An epic guitar head swirler which, in true Faust fashion, goes nowhere specific and everywhere else all at once. Even if you're not familiar with the original LP, this collection will turn you upside down and sideways.


Willard said...

Are you kidding JR?

I've had every Faust album since the 70s and you've turned me on to TWO that I never even knew were out there. The Virgin Cassette post from February was a mind blower. As for this... I'd never even heard that IV was reissued in '06, much less with a bonus disc - which says SOMETHING about SOMEBODY'S marketing skills when a band's scant fan base doesn't even hear about new releases.

It's just arrived and I see that (except for the first 3 tracks) it's NOT the "BBC Sessions" disc. FANTASTIC! It's always a good day when previously unreleased 70s Faust falls out of the sky. As always... MANY thanks!!!!!

dr.dark said...

Thanks for this, I actually purchased the CD which was released in '92-93. But this one was in 2000s, I do have the Peel sessions on the Faust:Lost Tapes CD, which is part of the "Wumme years box set" released by ReR, dudes those CDs sound of this world, you just have to hear them to believe it.

Rochacrimson said...

Many thanks,for this fantastic Faust rarities!

* * e d o * * said...

never seen this one before. thanks much!!