Miles Davis

The Lost Mid-70s Sessions - 1973-76
This scattershot collection has been compiled on numerous occasions and in many forms, most notably on the bootleg sets Unknown Sessions 1973-1976: Volume 1 and Unknown Sessions 1974-1976: Volume 2. As the title implies, the collection featured here includes the various studio jams in their un-editied forms that would appear on Davis' mid-70s LPs, as well as successful funk studio workouts the band would add to their live repertoire up until Miles "retirement" in '76. And while there are plenty of fine moments in this collection, including a couple of truly wicked takes on "Agharta Prelude Pt. 2," the overarching feel is that of a weary, unfocused and uninspired Miles Davis. When he attempts to solo here - over a band that is painfully beyond his control in comparison to the taught precision of his Jack DeJohnette-led ensembles at the turn of the decade - his horn is heavily processed and his tone is often aching and thin, but thankfully, and most interestingly, he resorts to playing the organ throughout the majority of this material. A six-disc Columbia box titled Beyond the Corner is rumored to be in the works, and will almost certainly pull from these sessions.


JBL said...

Hey JR & fellow Heat Warpers--

The tracklist for "Beyond the Corner" is here:


JBL said...

...and it looks like little to no overlap, save for perhaps the last disc.

JR HeatWarp said...

Thanks JBL! The note that reads "...Legacy has promised art work as soon as it's available.." sounds pretty promising. It's a shame to see that these discs will follow the trend of the Bitches Brew and Silent Way Sessions boxes in that they'll contain a lot of album cuts... Good news for those of us who only own Big Fun and Get Up With It on vinyl though!

CrocodileChuck said...

JR-just discovered your blog and my compliments to your discerning taste. Thanks v much for the Miles '70's stuff-a personal favourite of mine. Will keep coming back for a peek!