T. Rex

Tanx - 1973

While Tanx has never been the most acclaimed of T.Rex LPs, there is no denying its role as one of the most fascinating entries in the band's catalog. Following the massive success of Electric Warrior and The Slider, Marc Bolan's songwriting began to move beyond the simplistic lyrical themes and long, highly melodic song structures upon which his fame was built, and toward tighter, more lyrically focused tracks with a slight southern/country rock bend. And while most bands decide on such a drastic change in direction before they start work on an album, what makes Tanx so intriguing is that T. Rex made this transformation in the midst of recording it. The band's classic sound is all over this album, but the majority of the songs here hover around the two-minute mark and nearly all of them are fleshed out with Philly soul backups and Memphis horns. Easily the most "American" LP in the T. Rex canon, and years before Bowie would make his own.


Anonymous said...

pretty good. lots more brass than earlier Rex, but very much a diamond in the rough. cheers!

alf said...

it was Volman/Kaylan (the turtles) singing background vocs on the t=rex singles