Elvis Costello & the Attractions

I Stand Accused (Live - April 12, 1979)Thanks to a treble-heavy mix that pulls the combo organ and Costello's slashing rhythm guitar to the front (you've been warned), along with a barrage of the some of the finest tunes of his career and the bullet train intensity of the Attractions, this recording of a 1979 show in Bethlehem, PA is a prime document of a band and its leader at the peak of their power, and frighteningly early in their career. The tracklisting says it all:
  1. I Stand Accused (part) (2:31)
  2. Goon Squad (3:05)
  3. Two Little Hitlers (3:19)
  4. B Movie (2:43)
  5. Oliver's Army (3:02)
  6. Girls Talk (1:41)
  7. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (4:39)
  8. Green Shirt (3:06)
  9. Opportunity (2:38)
  10. Tiny Steps (3:51)
  11. The Beat (3:55)
  12. Rhodette's Song (4:03)
  13. High Fidelity (3:48)
  14. Accidents Will Happen (2:52)
  15. Watching The Detectives (8:21)
  16. Big Boys (3:10)
  17. Radio Radio (3:23)
  18. Pump It Up (2:57)
  19. You Belong To Me (2:47)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, any early Elvis is always appreciated. Great set list.

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Thanks for putting this up!

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ta for this share!!

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thank you too !

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