Captain Beefheart

Trout Mask House Sessions (Grow Fins Volume 2) - 1969

Captain Beefheart was once quoted as saying that he composed the entirety of Trout Mask Replica in an eight hour burst of creative genius. In truth, it was created over a period of about 8 months, during which Beefheart holed up the Magic Band in a small house in the LA suburbs, blacked out the windows, handed out rations of lima beans and forced them into marathon rehearsals that would average 12 hours a day. But before the Magic Band took their creation into the studio to lay it down in an incredible single-day session, Frank Zappa recorded the entirety of Trout Mask Replica in its natural environment; the house in which it was created over those eight grueling months. The result is tighter, tougher, more assured than the studio album, and completely instrumental, since Beefheart intended to overdub his vocals in the bathroom at a later date. Interspersed with fly-on-the-wall chatter among the band, Zappa, random guests and neighbors, plus the constant tap of a typewriter, it's a field recording in the truest sense and an indispensable document for lovers of the creative process. God bless the Captain.


alvega said...

The Captain was a small tyrant and I sure wouldn't bear his conundrums were I in his vicinity and hadn't I fell for the magic that genius exsudes wherever it choses to wander...
Wonderful stuff you posted mate, thank you.

Anonymous said...

[File name]
01-dachau blues (tuning up)
02-bush recording
03-hair pie (bake 1)
04-hair pie (bake 2)
05-noodling 1
06-hobo chang ba
07-hobo (practice)
08-hobo chang ba (take 2)
09-dachau blues
10-old fart at play
11-noodling 2
12-pachuco cadaver
13-sugar n spikes
14-noodling 3
15-sweet sweet bulbs
16-frownland (take 1)
18-noodling 4
19-ella guru
21-shes too much for my mirror
22-silence 2
23-steal softly through snow
24-noodling 5
25-my human gets me blues
26-untitled 26
27-when big joan sets up
28-silence 3
29-candy man
30-china pig
31-blimp playback
32-herb alpert
33-septic tank
34-well overdub it 3 times

Total number of files = 34

dave said...

TMR is not the greatest album ever released ( that honour goes to The Velvets' White Light White Heat ) but it comes very close... thanks so much for this!!

JR HeatWarp said...

Many thanks for the mystery tracklist donor....wherever you are.

bumkuncha said...

Hi JR!
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog!
Of course I know your blog, it was one of my favourites for a long time and I must admit shamefully that I overlooked it when I compiled my linklist.
I was the one who posted you first at "fuzzy" (where I resigned at the end of October after some personal disputes, now only coming back there occasionally) about a week or so after you've started your blog (finding you through a comment you've left at Krautrockgarden, as far as I can remember...).
If I had checked before that you're Link Wray and Dennis Wilson links still work I wouldn't had posted it(as it's not usual that uploads survive such a long time...- just got killed 17 RS uploads!)
Hope to see you back on my blog (indeed there seems to be a lot of similiarity in the mixture)!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating backtracks to the TMR album. Any chance you have access to the Captain's earlier recordings from 1965 to 67? Got a taste of that era on the documentary "The Artist Formerly Known as Captain Beefheart" (viewable on Google video btw) and have been searching for more.


JR HeatWarp said...

Hey Lakecog,

That's a really great documentary! I had the pleasure of seeing it on the big screen a year or so ago. I'll see what I can dig up from the Captain's early years... Stay tuned.

md said...

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!
Great work.