Miles Davis

Directions - 1980

To satiate his fans during his "retirement" in the late 70s, Columbia issued two fine rarities collections that focused on the rarely-heard (at that time) transitional periods of Miles Davis' career, Circle in the Round, which chronicled the years 1955-1970, and Directions, which covered 1960-1970. While Circle in the Round is notable for containing an all-acoustic version of Sanctuary, a tune that was later re-recorded in full electric glory for Bitches Brew, as well as a hauntingly majestic rendition of David Crosby's Guennevere, Directions simply overflows with gems from Miles' late 60s fusion peak - the rare period before everyone else fell in line and the road belonged to Miles alone. The Complete In A Silent Way and Jack Johnson session box sets have since collected most of the tunes on Directions, however this double LP places them in a context that illustrates Miles' transformation like neither of the sessions sets could, simply because it speeds up the process. Highlights include the tightly-wound funk morsel "Duran" featuring a smokin' John McLaughlin and "Willie Nelson" in all its wah-wah glory. Dig it now.

*Another fine Slidewell contribution. Thanks again to him for sharing the wealth with The Heat Warps.


Bruce said...

I saw a single copy of this on vinyl for a couple of bucks in a second hand shop 20 years ago, always kicked myself for not picking it up then. Peopl were switching to cds back then and vinyl was considered worthless. How times change.

philip said...

i'm so into early 70's miles right now this gem couldn't get a better timing... thanks forsharin'