Neil Young

Journey Through the Past - 1974

Along with Time Fades Away, Journey Through the Past is the other Neil Young album never to have been officially released on CD. Not to be confused with the well-known live acoustic bootleg of the same name, the album here is the soundtrack to Neil’s rare 1974 film experiment, and features a wildly eccentric collection of Harvest outtakes, CSNY live recordings, Buffalo Springfield TV performances, a gospel choir and organ music -- plus a Beach Boys number tossed in for good measure. More of a glimpse into the mind of Neil’s mad genius than an album proper, Journey Through the Past contains some really great material. Highlights include a 15 minute alternate take of "Words", a studio run-through of "Southern Man" and plenty of studio banter of Neil teaching the songs and vocal harmonies to his band. Awesome stuff from the man at the peak of his power.

Note: a good chunk of the material here has finally been officially released on Neil's Archives Volume 1. However, the soundtrack itself remains out of print.


JBL said...

Hey thanks alot for posting this. I've been curious about it since I read "Shakey", and have never seen a copy of the LP that wasn't beat to shreds.

Having said that, I have to disagree that it's "awesome stuff". Your tagline says it best: "gems and _duds_." And this is definitely a dud. While it puzzles me to no end as to why NY doesn't give Time Fades Away a proper re-release, keeping this one buried makes perfect sense to me. I did enjoy "Words" but the whole thing is so shabby and cut'n'paste. It's actually more of what I would expect from a dubious bootleg than a real NY record.

Regardless, it's supercool that you're putting it out there for all to hear. I'm enjoying my visits here tremendously.

Vaughn said...

I remember liking this double album when it came out, and although it is an "odds and sods" sort of record there are some must-haves on it; namely this version of "Words", the run-through of "Southern Man" with it's "moving ooooh" and the creepy haunting version of "Soldier" which later turned up on DECADE. Thanks for this it has been awhile.

one2zero said...

I was lucky enough to have 2 copies of this album -one of which i sold on ebay recently- both in excellent condition. Yeah, it is a bit of an oddity but i suppose thats what makes neil young so special. Anyhow thanks for posting as i can now listen to it on my mp3 player. Also, although my vinyl copy still looks almost brand new, Young really should release Time Fades Away on cd.

kingseyeland said...

thanks for posting this. it's a rarity i'd never heard. it's not pretty but it's neil, which puts it ahead of about half my record collection right there.

paulfal said...

The flick used to play in the 70's at midnite at the old Century theater here in Buffalo for stoners (smoking encouraged). The movie is the same as the soundtrack- some really good stuff and a lot of drug-induced garbage. Thanx for a great post!!

Rom said...

Don't know this one but a 15-min long version of "Words", I just can't wait :-)

Thanks for this one !