Charles Wright and the 103rd St. Rhythm Band

In the Jungle Babe - 1969

Classic soul to the extreme and your new summer album. A year before the release of their breakthrough 1970 LP Express Yourself, Charles Wright and the 103rd Street Rhythm Band dropped this slice of funky psychedelic soul that marked the beginning of their creative peak. Like a looser version of Sly & the Family Stone, the band play off one another superbly, with super deep grooves, soul to spare and political consciousness that unfortunately, resonates just as clearly almost 40 years on -- Wilco's been covering the band's brotherly love anthem "Comment" (included here) for the past couple of years.


Justi said...

one of my faves--- chuck and the one O' threes. Ya made me day bro!

Mortimer said...

Wonderful Band. Thanks and very good music.

soti said...

Thanks mate for the wonderful album!!!