The Byrds

(Untitled)/(Unissued) - 1970

Recorded during the Byrds' post Sweetheart of the Rodeo transitional period, we hear the band dive headfirst into the depths of the Country Rock/Jam murk. With the working title of Phoenix to represent the band's fresh sense of beginning, the first half of this 2 record set is live, while the second, studio. Highlights include Clarence White in all his B-Bender telecaster glory, most notably on the 16-minute(!!!) version of "Eight Miles High"; Roger McGuinn's odd attempt at bayou rock, "Lover of the Bayou"; and possibly his last great composition "Chestnut Mare".

The Byrds never soared this high again.


Anonymous said...

I saw The Byrds in this line up live. Great concert, great record.



Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks so much for this post! I love your taste in music! Stay cool!
Thanks again!

Frosty from NOLA

Music & Things ... said...

great album

Anonymous said...

Always really liked this final stage of the Byrds. The sound of the music is how I imagine American life must have been in those times. Great, thanks for the share!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heat Warp,
thanks as always, great to go back to this one.
But did I miss the link for DIsc 2? (the Unissued tracks)? Some of those extra live numbers sound real tasty!
cheers as ever..
Taro Nombei

JR HeatWarp said...

Hey Taro!

It's great to see that you've been exploring the HeatWarps archives! I never actually posted the second disc of this collection, but thankfully, XXXRockRula posted both discs over at his fine page earlier in the summer. Enjoy it here:

Thanks again for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Taro here again...
Yes I've been dredging through your brilliant archives. So much good stuff to rediscover -- and even more music that's new to me, that I missed at the time. That plus links that are still actually up!
How good is that?
So I just got to say arigato!

Much appreciated too was the link to xxxrockrula -- plenty of tasty nuggets there too!

I've got to say, there's only a few places where your musical taste diverges (or leaves me behind).
So keep up the good work - please!

best from Japan...